Ilumina is a digital product that allows people to quickly book medical imaging scans in Ontario. We were tasked with creating a brand identity, and a user-centered digital product that would outline services, book appointments, as well as provide physicians with information.
The brand concept focuses on the idea of science, technology, and the future. This can be seen in the futuristic, fragmented wordmark, circular shapes, custom icons, and colour palette. Using light as a focal point we emulate the concept of a futuristic experience, rooted in science and technology.

Client Ilumina Role Designer | Art Director Year 2018 - 2019 Website Branding Brand Overview

ilumina website responsive mockup

Company Website

ilumina colours Ilumina service web page how it works page booking page icons

Brand Material

email marketing introducing Pur Popcorn
email marketing Pur promo
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