The Pur Company

The PUR Company is a wellness brand that allowed me the opportunity to demonstrate my diverse skills by possessing multiple roles within the organization.
As the company’s UX/UI Designer and Web Developer I helped define the digital goals, identify the target audience, and create a data-driven digital strategy.
I designed and developed engaging interfaces, email marketing campaigns, and organic social media content that resulted in higher traffic, better conversions, brand awareness, and a growth in the online community.

Client The Pur Company Role UX/UI Designer | Web Developer Year 2016 - 2017 Websites
Process Rebranding Project Details

the pur company website responsive


Two Product Sites

old pur company website

One New Company Website

new pur company website

New Company Website

the pur company colours the pur company website responsive banner promo image the pur company product page the pur company bubble gum product details

PUR Popcorn Microsite

pur popcorn website responsive mix from the six pur popcorn sea salt pur popcorn sweet and salty pur popcorn

Landing Pages

landing page for Subscribe
landing page for birthday

Email Marketing

email marketing introducing Pur Popcorn
email marketing Pur promo
email marketing Pur promo
the pur company website, pur popcorn, and ecommerce site